The United States Marine Corps: Our Vanguard Of Liberty, Our Disney Princesses

Marines Sing “Let It Go” from Frozen

Military people are often not what the general public thinks they are.* 🙂 Though when you are a Marine, you really don’t have to prove your masculinity to anyone.


Actually, the military and cartoons have a very long  and proud association. Disney artists even designed patches for units in WWII. I’m not sure if other studios did as well, but their characters certainly ended up over there.

(If you will excuse the 1940’s racist stereotypes of some of these…)

WWII Military Patches

Just like Bronies of today, the WWII brass thought the cartoon patches were “not military” and not masculine, but tolerated them because the troops loved them.

My Father’s squardon patch was Felix the Cat, sitting on a cloud with a pair of binoculars (submarine patrol). I can’t find an image of it, but Dad said it was one of the oldest surviving sqaudron patches of the time (1960’s).

*Though the hooting when she changes her outfit kinda show what their real motivation was.


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