Remember What I Was Saying…

..about humans being idiotic self-involved bastards about the environment?

Satao, one of Africa’s largest elephants, killed by poachers for ivory tusks weighing more than 45 kg

Goddamn mother fucking fucktard asshole cunthead pricks!*

Story of Satao from a nature photgrapher’s blog.

My solution? Turns these parks and no mans lands into Special Forces Training Camps. As part of their training and community service, they go hunt poachers for a couple weeks a year. It’s doesn’t have to be just U.S. and U.K. special forces, it can be anyone. GROM, Spetsnaz….

They better hope Spetsnaz kills them before they go to work on them for funnsies, ‘cuz I don’t.

I am dead serious. I have no problem with my tax dollars being spent on this.


*And this is the toned down version.



4 thoughts on “Remember What I Was Saying…

  1. Fucking bastards. And this is just the poachers. They at least have the excuse of needing the money. The wealthy people who purchase ivory are utter fucking cunts, human excrement who should be put down with arrows and bullets, like the poor magnificent elephants that are slaughtered to provide soulless scum with knickknacks.

    • I agree. I just can’t wrap my head around people who still want this stuff. They are directly driving a species to extinction, yet they still want it. WTF is wrong with them? What sociopathic disconnect takes place there? I mean, you simply have to be an inhuman monster to want ivory when you know elephants are going extinct. Or rhino horn and bear gall bladders, etc. But then, that is similar to the entitlement expressed in the article I posted the day before: “I live in this quaint little country town on the edge of the wilderness and am pissed off that deer are in my back yard, so let’s wipe them all out.”

      So when does that cycle end? When the species is extinct so childish fuckwits can enjoy their view and their roses in peace?

      I grew up in a miniscule country town that dealt with the near-daily blessing and annoyance of deer, racoons, possums, coyotes, skunks, bears, bobcats, muskrats, etc.. (Ever get stuck on a country road waiting for moose to decide to vacate it? That happens a lot of up there. Your Ford does not get the right of way against 1,000-plus pound moose.) And I never saw anyone get so hysterical dealing with wildlife as folks from away who moved in to “get away from it all” and “get closer to nature.”

      It’s sheer human entitlement: “The planet is here for us and fuck every other species.”

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