Some Vocabulary Fun

Hrm. Interesting study.

Ghent University Online Vocabulary Test

They flash words on the screen and you have to know/figure out what is a real word and what is not.

I knew fifty words, missed seven words, answered “yes” to one non-word and “No” to 29 non-words for an overall score of 87%.

Give it a try, it’s pleasantly challenging.


9 thoughts on “Some Vocabulary Fun

  1. I knew 30 non words, 61 actual words, 1 non word I said yes to, 9 words I did not know and also scored 87% I have re-counted and they definitely asked me a 101 words. They said there would be a 100. Also the non word I got was seconds, which I have no recollection of appearing on the screen…curious.
    I did it a second time (101 words again) and scored 84%. However I have queried the nonword I said yes to, because it is indeed a word. Fusted, means mouldy or ill smelling. Sneaky little test.

      • OK, I had to try this out, my only defence is that I was goaded by my quite pathetic ego.
        It said I knew 80% of the English words, I said yes to 90% of existing words, yes to 10% to nonwords (that’s not a word by the way!) giving me a score of 80%.
        I don’t know whether I should be pleased or not…

      • Wanna make this sad ego contest? I would wipe the floor with you! GLAL (Giggling Like A Loon)
        (I made that up, I’m fobbiden from putting LOL, Alex said so, and he’s apparently young enough to know this shit)

  2. Or maybe not, possibly you are supposed to query and prove your knowledge. That could be the real test…like a self esteem, courage of your own convictions type thing…I’m only guessing.

  3. I got an overall score of 81% which I thought was pretty good for me since I think my vocabulary sucks. The test did say that I said yes to one nonword but when I clicked on it, I don’t remember seeing that word in the test.

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