When they are in that vulnerable time, words matter even more.

In fact, they always do. I have been constantly told I am “not feminine” because I am a geek, like action movies, am assertive, don’t spend lots of money on clothes and hate wearing make-up. Fashion and romance have been the standard of feminity for a long time, but even in ancient times there were women who defied that. Liking sports and science doesn’t make a woman any less feminine. It just means it’s time society redefined what “feminine” means.


Some Food For Thought

6 thoughts on “Some Food For Thought

  1. Sadly true.
    Personally, I run like badger and throw like a person who couldn’t give a shit. But then I cook like aardvark and clean like a deeply confused meerkat.
    All of which gives you a perfectly formed Caty.

  2. In my twenties I did karate for six months (I’m more a danger to myself than anyone else). I remember overhearing two people talking about the way a female black belt fought in a local competition. They were mocking her for being agressive. If you’re good at anything defined as masculine, such as sport, then you’re butch. So by definition being feminine means being bad at anything men do.

    • It is amazing how upset people get when a woman is as aggressive as a man is. I get that a lot from people. First I am often mistaken for a man online because I am assertive, and then when they find out I’m a girl, it becomes nasty. Often from other women.

      • Do you remember when that bloke accused me of being a man, masquerading as a woman? Now that was bizarre. Basically it’s anything some men can’t deal with, God knows what they think of the women around them.

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