Well That Escalated Quickly

Post Hobby Lobby, Religious (Owned) Organizations Want Exemption From LGBT Hiring Order.

Short version: Because Hobby Lobby got a religious exemptions for health care coverage for their employees,  fundamentalist “christian” owners of business who have or want federal contracts are now demanding the right to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Thanks 5 out of 9 Justices.

And fuck you sideways with a snowshovel.

The scary bit is their idea of “national unity” seems to mean we must all have the same “values” of the fundamentalists of one faith.


Like these guys:


And these guys:


Between this and spending the last 24 hours arguing over the 19 year old sociopathic attention whore who likes the spend her daddy’s money killing species already sliding toward extinction* this is one of those days I have little faith in the human race. I’m going to go back and watch the Pallas Cat again.

*And I will explain why the whole, “Tourists killing animals helps them” rationalization does not work later. Main reason? Poaching is still out of control and populations are still in decline. Some of the species she has hunted are in free fall. Private hunting reserves are providing no more protection from poaching than the parks are. “Legal” hunting does not stop poaching. Period. Hunting just adds to the population decline. If someone cares about conservation, they should donate the exorbitant costs for these hunting trips (tags for hunting elephant and rhino usually cost tens of thousands of dollars, hence the poaching) to the parks so they can hire and train more staff to hunt poachers, and push for stronger sentences for poaching in those countries.



2 thoughts on “Well That Escalated Quickly

  1. I have rarely felt more strongly the urge, no, the need, to smack another human being than I did while reading about this waste of a human life. To claim that hunters are the real conservationists shows what a twisted mind you have to have to hunt these animals for sport. Thank god scum like her are increasingly being treated as pariahs. Only last night there was a news story about how the Australian government has now banned people from bringing in trophies from canned hunts. They said they can’t ban the hunts in other countries but they can stop people bringing back animal parts as souvenirs.http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-07-02/trophy-hunters-banned-from-bringing-home-rhino-parts/5565938 And this is from the most politically right wing government we’ve had since the second world war.

    As for the new development in the wacky, zany world of religious bigotry, I assume that as an atheist I could refuse to hire christians. Or fuckwits. Can I refuse to hire someone who says “”Without a robust religious exemption,this expansion of hiring rights will come at an unreasonable cost to the common good, national unity and religious freedom.” Can I refuse to hire him on the grounds that anyone who believes discrimination against LGBT people is part of the common good is an unalloyed arsehole?

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