Insert Insulin Here

Now, I would not recommend doing this with any random platypus. Like most everything else in Australia(!), they can be dangerous as hell. They both have spurs on their hind legs, but in the males they are venomous and can kill a dog and drop a human to the ground writhing in agony. I imagine the platypus in this video is a female and probably hand raised.

Still, adorable little freak of natural selection. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Insert Insulin Here

  1. I have never seen a platypus playing with people, it’s adorable! I think Australia’s fearsome reputation is undeserved. There’s nothing as scary as something that will chase you and eat you and we don’t have anything like that- as long as you stay out of the water. We don’t have bears, wolves or big cats. Just watch where you step and you’ll be fine in Oz. Really.

    • Totally trolled you. 😉

      “-as long as you stay out of the water.” Yes, those big toothy were-logs. I suppose it is a matter perspective, but the number of deadly venomous species on your continent does give the rest of us pause.

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