Waiting Until the Evidence is In

Doubts Grow Over ISIS “FGM” Edict in Iraq

Stay your rage for a moment. Female Genital Mutilation is mostly confined to Africa where it has a (despicable) pre-Islamic tribal tradition, much like most of the mysoginst crap Shariah law in the Middle East. However, there is little tradition of FGM in Middle Eastern cultures. ISIS maybe filled with sons of bitches who make the trains run on time, and it is possible they did make this edict, but I am holding off on my rant until this is verified.

I will add that it interests me that Islam is now approximately 1470 years old.  When Christianity was about 1500 years old, it went through the Protestant Reformation. I think Islam is due for a similar purge of ideas, and left to their own devices (rather then Western nations presenting Islamic leaders with outside scapegoats to blame) they just might.



6 thoughts on “Waiting Until the Evidence is In

      • I was thinking all of it!
        The fact that the practice is even vaguely considered in anyway therapeutic is appalling, but I’m well aware it’s still quite widespread among some cultures. But this report does say the original information seems to have a ring of disinformation about it.

      • Exactly. My first reaction was to swear a blue streak in sheer rage. But when I calmed down a bit, I remembered that FGM was more of an African thing. Not to say that groups like ISIS, the Taliban and al Queda are not evil (as all zealotry breeds evil), it’s just they don’t contain this *particular* kind of evil.

        Female Genital Mutilation is nothing more than men going to extreme lengths to control women’s sexuality, in that case by eliminating it outright. With some notable exceptions (Polynesian cultures, some sub-Saharan African tribal cultures, India in some ways), women’s sexual agency has been one of the most terrifying forces of history.

      • As with all that stuff, it’s actually about control. Regardless of the culture, even now most people don’t understand menstruation or menopause, it’s all myths and legends.
        This is useful if you want control, people in the dark will believe what the authorities tell them, and the dark is a nice place for tyrants of all genders.

      • That’s a very good point. Many of these countries have a very low literacy rate (let alone full educations), and the Imam’s can tell them that the Qur’an said whatever they want, much like the Church did during the Dark and Middle Ages.

        I was reading a National Geographic article on child brides and the journalist said that often the girls (who get married as young as nine) don’t realize they are pregnant until very late, sometimes not until they go into labor, because no one has talked to them about it. Not even their mothers.

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