Book Review: The Exodus Towers

The Dire Earth books are a sci-fi adventure story; not deep, but utterly compelling page turners. It is well written with a satisfyingly complex, but not convoluted, plot, enjoyable characters and wonderful descriptions of the world Jason Hough has built. It is always a relief to find adventure stories that do not talk down to the audience and this is one.

This is definitely a middle book, covering two years between the successful secession at the end of The Darwin Elevator to the arrival of the next wave of the alien “Builders” plan. There is not much resolution, in fact in a way things become even less resolved, but it is still a satisfying read. Hough does an excellent job developing the further complexities and mysteries of the aliens’ plans with further complexities in the human race’s reaction to their presence, the stress bearing down on main characters on social and personal social levels. If the first book had a single weakness, it was the characters were a bit stock and not well developed. That weakness is gone in this book; the character development is very good and drives the plot.

And as before, the action is with intense with realism and nail-biting jeopardy.

I highly recommend this series for those who enjoy SciFi and Adventure.


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