Well, This is Just Vexing

I am currently reading David C. Douglas’ biography of William the Conqueror and like Yates he also does not address the famous story of William dragging Matilda off her horse after she publicly refused his proposal and called him a bastard. If it’s not true, what is the basis of this tale?


19 thoughts on “Well, This is Just Vexing

  1. I’m so over my ghostie phase, why is there no decent scientifically based investigation by people over 30? None of them seem to have any knowledge of history or physics. I take exception to having to shout at the screen because of their idiocy, it makes my head go to a point!

      • Yeah, sorry I was having a moment there. Not so much paranormal investigations, a inept investigators. My enforced inaction over the last few months has found me watching some very dubious TV.

      • Ugh, daytime telly, the true decay-er of brains, maker of zombies. Yeah, there is a lot of sensationalist and ill-researched stuff out there on TV, both in history and science. The History Channel has had some pretty scandalously inaccurate duds. The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is less documentary and more snuff film reenactments. (What pisses me off is they actively whip up the fear and public bias while so many shark species are being wiped out. Humans are simply on a campaign to remove every single top tier predator on the planet. And we expect the biosphere to be just peachy after that. *headdesk*)

      • TV is such a powerful medium, and it put so much nonsense out there, parading it as science and fact. The trouble is the truth is so much more fascinating, I can’t understand the dross.

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