Oh this is BULLSHIT

(Update here)

There have been numerous reports of cosplayers being groped/sexually assaulted at San Diego ComicCon 2014. Now it looks like someone was violently physically assaulted.

If you live in the San Diego area and/or attended ComicCon and saw this girl, perhaps saw someone giving her a hard time or saw who she might left with, saw her outside the Con, please contact the SD police.

I hope she is going to be o.k..

What is also shocking are the large number of voices, male and female, saying that these cosplaying women should have expected it/deserved it because of what they were wearing.

This is Taliban-style thinking that essentially says that men are animals only responding to stimuli and that it is up to women to be responsible for men’s actions.

B.S.! Men are human beings and the vast majority of them behave themselves with civility and basic human respect. The ones that do not? They are not fucking five. It is not women’s job to be responsible for what those men chose to do. If a man can’t control and keep his hands to himself around women, then like a misbehaving pet they should be kept at home until they learn how to behave.

I hate to buy into sweeping term, but a large amount of the public’s reaction to the Stubenville rape case and others that have followed, now this, shows me that yes, we do have a rape culture. We do have a large number of people in the U.S. that believe that people “deserve” to be raped.

For the men who believe so, it is absolving responsiblity for whatever they chose to do women. For the women it is a comforting fallacy they buy into that states, “If I wear the right clothes and behave the right way, this will never happen to me.”

That’s also B.S.

This is what I was wearing

Cosplay, no matter how scanty, does not hurt anyone.

Groping and assaulting someone does hurt someone.

It is the responsibility of the groper/rapist to not grope/rape. It is their responsiblity alone.

End of.

And I will say again, I have been a geek all my 42 years and I have never seen the sexism in the community like what has popped up in the last five.

Seriously, if Foamy says it’s a big problem,  it’s a big problem.

This is no way acceptible. There is no way we should be allowing this in our ranks. This is our house. We need to get rid of this shit.


7 thoughts on “Oh this is BULLSHIT

      • Always the same darling, I can remember a talk we had at school from a very dadlike police sargent, there had been a rape murder in the next village. He only spoke to the girls, and told us we should always act responsibly, ie never engage in conversations with strangers, never stay out late, never walk down unlit streets(this was rural Britain in the 60’s, lots of streets were unlit!) never dress in a provocative

  1. Manner, and if attacked NEVER fight back, apparently would anger the attacker and they would hurt you more.
    So basically the message we girls got was that the girl who had been raped and murdered only had herself to blame.
    Sad to know it’s no different 40 odd years later, in this oh so sophisticated world.

    • They finally got rid of that last piece of advice when they realized that most rapists are looking for easy targets. That’s why many of them try to get women incapacited with liquor or drugs beforehand. Fight, scream, bite, claw, kick senstive places, and most of rapists will run off. Most of them, there is the small percentage of sadistically violent rapists, but they are going to hurt you anyway so you might as well make it as hard for them as possible.

      But the rest of it, sadly yes. Women are still blamed for being raped. Even by other women.

      Another huge issue that is just now beginning to see the light of day are the number of men who have been sexually assaulted/raped. They go through the same emotional truama, but it is harder for them to process it because of society’s strict defintion of “masculine” and the stigma of a man not being able to fight off an attacker and “letting” it happen to them. Only in the last decade are many of them stepping forward.

      Sadly, rape is the only crime were the victim is on trial as much, of not more, than the rapist.

      The only useful piece of advice to avoid sexual assault you can give peope, both male and female, is the one you give to avoid assault period: When going out, stick with trusted friends.

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