Made of Awesome – Updated

Test footage for a new Deadpool movie

(Warning: No blood..well, very little blood, but very violent, very funny.)

This will be a vast improvement on his appearance in the Wolverine film. This is Deadpool.

UPDATE: It looks like this was test footage from 2011, when it was still in the works. Maybe fan response will push them to make the movie now?

For the uninitiated, Deadpool is Marvel’s official character of satire and lampshading. He’s a complete looney who believes he is in a comic book and regularly notes/mocks common comic book tropes and breaks the fourth wall. Even the character itself, Wade Wilson, is a blatant satire of DC’s Deathstroke/Slade Wilson, mocking the trope of the “tough loner, mercenary with tragic past, shades of heroism, etc.” And yes, they have met.


In-comic, Deadpool is another product of the same government program that produced Wolverine. Deadpool has the same healing factor…times a 100. He can reattach limbs and even his head. (His “natural” appearance is due to a cancer that was a by-product of the government program. I guess like all cancers are out of control cell growth, his cancer went really out of control when the healing factor came in.) The healing factor is so accelerated, his brain is replacing dying neurons so fast that his mind is being constantly re-written, hence the crazy. He does team ups sometimes, but is not a member of any team because few in the Marvel Universe can stand him.


So most of his off hours are spent in his filthy apartment eating chimichangas and watching porn and the Golden Girls.


But he does have a soft side…



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