An arrest has been made:

San Diego Unified Port District Harbor Police Press Release

Other bloggers/websites have also investigated this, contacted the police, etc. and confirmed this is not a hoax.

But the police doing their job does not mean we should not do ours. The attitude that bred this still exists in our community and it needs to be shot into the sun. Geekdom is about people enjoying their passions for a TV series or books or movies or cosplay, etc. freely, and people can’t do that if they are being harassed, or as we have now seen, at risk of being assaulted. C’mon. We were all nerds in school, we all know what being bullied feels like. Why would we let anyone go through that on our own ground? We are ALL part of creating this environment, and when we let harassment happen, we are all responsible for creating an environment of acceptance which will grow as long as we are all silent. When we see girls and women in our community being harassed just for being female, whether at a con or online or anywhere, we all need to come down on the perpetrator like a sack of bricks and make sure that he and everyone around him knows that behavior not acceptable in our community.



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