What is Up With That?

I just paid 13$ for an e-book. (Which is cheaper on Amazon, and is something Whatcatydidnext would probably enjoy.) What is up with e-books costing close to or as much as their dead-tree versions? There are no printing costs, no shipping, no brick & mortar overhead. The publisher just uploads the story to Amazon or Barnes and Noble, etc..

Non-fiction I can kind of understand, research is a lot of work, but even then some of those prices are outrageous too. And novels? There is no way they should cost more than $5.


One thought on “What is Up With That?

  1. Looks good, just ordered it , cost me a fiver, with postage. ‘Course I did check the library first, I am genetically disposed to ‘free stuff’ after all!
    Might have a look at her sci-fi/fantasy stuff, I’m a Sheri Tepper fan too.

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