O.K. Maybe Not Quite Yet

I just spent a week running after six kids aged three months to ten years. I’m a little worn. 🙂

But after reading Hild, I read this blog post.

Needless to say, a rant is imminent.




2 thoughts on “O.K. Maybe Not Quite Yet

    • It is a very good book (lot of info dumping, but still compelling), and as far as I can see (it’s not my period), her research is sound. This is why historical fiction (what was) is not speculative fiction (what might be). History is only “unknowable” to the arrogant and lazy who can’t be arsed to do the research.

      The problem is Griffith is a normally SciFi/Fantasy writer, so those seem to be the only people who have reviewed Hild which really is not a fantasy novel. There is no magic in it, or arguably no magic. She has trances where she puts information togther. Trances are not science fiction. Anyone can go into a trance state. I would love it if a historian would read and review this book, because that is the genre this belongs to.

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