When the Internet Sucks, or Why Open Social Media is a Really Bad Idea for Celebrities

There are a number reasons for famous people to not Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, etc.. It opens the doors of their privacy, for one. Twitter and other social media sites do this on multiple levels with our own mistakes of TMI, people digging into information we wish to keep among friends and companies data-mining our accounts. The strong likelihood of a major embarrassing gaffe is another reason. If Stephen Fry can step in it on Twitter, no one is safe from their own stupidity.

But today presented a sadly normal hell that social media is capable of:

Robin Williams Daughter Leaves Social Media After Receiving Abuse

Robin Williams’ daughter has left social media after receiving abusive messages – including images of photoshopped images of her father’s body – in the wake of his death.

This happened within 24 hours of his death. These people are sick fucks. And they will continue to be sick fucks to anyone they can be, the more famous the better. Trolling famous people, and their fans, in social media is a much bigger stage than they could get on their own and gets them more of the attention they crave.

I know fans have been pushing a certain actor to get a Twitter account in order to get a daily fix of their obsession. Sure they say, “it’s better for publicity” but there really is no proof that a Twitter account got anyone an acting job. (His performances get him acting jobs, just like his performances get him fans.) The media and fansites keep people informed of his projects and appearances in the press, so he and his publicist do not need a social media platform/account to do so. His fans just want more access to him, direct access to him. (Social media propagates the illusion of intimacy.) Thus far he has wisely refused.

I hope he will continue to be wise. His privacy is already disappearing faster than snow in August. Twitter, Facebook, etc. would only further expose the private life he has quite clearly stated he wants to keep out of the public eye (tho’ many fans have proven they don’t give a damn about what he wants for his own life) and expose him to hurtful jerks like the trolls above and the ensuing drama.

I feel deeply sorry for Zelda Williams and the rest of Robin Williams’ family. I hope they can find some peace and comfort during this time.


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