Sorry I Have Gone Quiet

I have gone into a downswing and am not feeling very communicative.

If it was not spurred, it certainly was exacerbated by coming back to NC from Maine, which is where I really want to be. Honestly, when the plane lifted off from Portland, I cried. I value the opportunities and experiences, the cosmopolitan worldview that living in Los Angeles gave me, but I am ready to come home. The University education and culture have been enjoyed here in NC have been invaluable, but I miss Maine with an ache. Even with driving in the snow. Plans are formulating.

Someone I really liked is in love with someone else. While I can see he is happy and I wish them the best, and it was never going to happen anyway, it’s hard to not be just a teeny bit heartbroken. But it’s all for best, I think. I’ll get over it.

The news has been very bad. Israel and Palestine can’t seem to keep their hands from each others’ throats. Ferguson broke out in more violence (way to lose the moral high ground guys). The Ebola Outbreak in countries least able to handle it. The horrifying, tragic violence in Iraq and the demand to go back in, to spend more trillions of dollars we do not have and thousands of American lives to re-occupy a country and manage a populace that does not want us there for how fucking long? What are we supposed to do, turn it into a fucking colony? Do the chicken hawks think if we stay their for twenty years, thirty, it’s going to be better? They will love us and the government we install more? WTF people? I am sorry for the people dying. It’s is horrific, but we already held their hands for ten years. We can’t make a country for them, the U.S. and U.K. have proven that repeatedly through Iraq’s history. It is their country and their responsibility to get it together. I think they are the only people who can.

The fact that Americans want to restart the Iraq War is simply horrifying to me. This is one of the reasons I hate the conservative right: They learn nothing from their own mistakes, ever.

Then there is this tragic statistic.

The ongoing grief over Robin Williams’ passing reveals how important he was to our society, to the world, to our lives. I don’t think I have ever seen a celebrity that was memorialized for over a week like this, certainly not a comedian’s, while the scandal mongering has been blessedly minimal. Realizing that light has gone out has been a real blow, especially in such dark times. We miss him.

So…I’m not in a good place right now.

Plus work is busy getting ready for the school year and I’m pet-sitting for a friend, which means I am spending my evenings away from my computer.

So yeah. I’m quiet.


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