I Give Credit Where Credit Is Due…

I recently slammed Richard Armitage for not using his Twitter feed as said he would to help spread the word about the charities he in involved with. This afternoon Richard Armitage plugged some of his chosen charities on his Twitter feed.

Good on ya Richard. 🙂 I retract that statement and apologize. You’re putting Twitter to the best possible use here. I should have been more patient.

These are all great charities helping people for worthy causes. I encourage people to follow his lead, read up and donate.

I would also like to say that something he has said a couple times in the past I was dismissive of, and he was right. I put this in a previous post and then took it out because it did not quite fit the topic.

RA is (or at least was) a self-proclaimed pacifist. He has regularly expressed concern about the level of violence in entertainment. (Always while acknowledging the hypocrisy of his taking so many action roles, so he’s was being honest. Though…*ahem* He may have asked, but he did not get.) And, a couple times, he has included concern with it’s effects on kids. In the past I disregarded that. I am American from a military family with a love of military history and action movies and I though he was being, well, kind of overly sensitive. I really did not think it was that big of a deal. I grew up with toy guns and my brothers and I beating the snot out of each other. And I’m fine.

You know…in my way. My very rude, crude and socially unacceptable way.


…O.k., maybe that should have been a clue.

But recent historical readings and personal events have changed my mind and made me concerned about the glorification of violence in our culture and its impact on society and kids. All cultures are capable of violence, but the West/Europe and the U.S. seems to revel in the gory details of it like no other, and has for well over a millennia. That has to have an impact. I don’t think a video game is going to turn someone into a criminal, but there is so much of it in our entertainment and even our news (“If it bleeds, it leads”), I would be very surprised if we weren’t picking up some if it by osmosis and that it is colouring our reactions by making us more aggressive.

I am sure someone must have studied this from a purely anthropological perspective, they should have anyway. It’s hard to get an unbiased reading on the effects of a facet of culture on individuals from within that culture. And while all societies have wars, that does not bring into the accounting other forms of aggression and violence within a culture.

So while I still do not agree with him on everything, for instance I don’t think we need to eliminate private gun ownership to greatly diminish gun violence, in this instance I agree he has a valid argument.

Though I too am a hypocrite in that I love both reading and writing action stories.


5 thoughts on “I Give Credit Where Credit Is Due…

    • And in the U.S. we have that bizarre “sex/nudity bad, gory violence spiffy” thing.

      But I agree that the “physical intimidation equals ego/might makes right” is a factor, certainly in our young people. I have been physically threatened by a couple college kids. One of them called me out in the middle of class for telling him what page number something could be found on because he was disrupting the entire class trying to make the Instructor explain material we covered two months prior. (Called me out. A 42 year old woman. Like I got the patience to deal with that B.S..) Most get over that eventually. Though as we see here in the U.S. with the men *and* women swaggering into department stores and restaurants with assault rifles, many of them do not.

      Off to Doctor Who!

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