The New NuWho

In a way I am sorry I watched the leaked footage, because it took away some of the impact. (And the music didn’t really add anything, the themes kind of fell flat.) In a way I am not because I was able to take in more of the nuances this time. The entire layered conversation between the Doctor and the Clockwork Man was beautifully done. I also really liked the way they turned the regeneration on  its ear at the end so the audience got a taste of what it was like from his point of view.

I like how much of a departure this Doctor is from Nine, Ten and Eleven, who were almost always heroic and put the companion’s life first. This one isn’t afraid to let the companion twist in the wind in order to get things done, which promises more drama and jeopardy than in the past. I think this one is going to be more of a schemer than we have seen in the recent past. We can see why Clara almost left him because she simply isn’t used to the Doctor risking her life. But Coleman and Capaldi have wonderful chemistry together. I think he finally makes Clara interesting.

Though I’m not sure how I feel about her being bossy with the Doctor.

As a fan, to me this transition was either smoother or not quite. I can’t figure it out. With Smith there was a whammy moment of getting me on board with him was in “The Eleventh Hour,” his first show.

“You know when grown-ups tell you everything’s going to be fine, and you think they’re probably lying to make you feel better?”


“Everything is going to be fine.”

That was it. *snap* I was completely on board with Smith’s Doctor. I didn’t have that “whammy moment” with Capaldi where he sucked me in emotionally all at once. My enthusiasm for his Doctor is more intellectual at this point. But then the character is more intellectual. We can see he is not going to be wearing his heart on his sleeve the way Ten and Eleven did. And that, I think, promises to be refreshing. Perhaps a bit more mysterious, which is what the Doctor is supposed to be.

I don’t know why they made such a big deal about Capaldi being older. He’s still hot. Seriously, were he unwed…

The story was good. Not mind-blowing, but solid. (But then most regeneration episodes are solid, not stellar.) I loved the call back to “Girl in the Fireplace.”

Dear Stephen Moffat,


Damn you! *sniffle*

If Captain Jack and Sarah Jane can get their own show, surely the Victorian Three (I guess they have officially been dubbed “The Paternoster Gang” after the street they live on) deserve one. The three actors all have such wonderful chemistry together, they really are a gift whenever they come onscreen.

“Oi! Married!”


I like that they show Jenny isn’t as subservient as she has seemed.

Theatre audiences got a pre-feature bonus of Strax talking the audience through the Doctor’s regenerations under the guise of “Sontoran Strategic Intelligence.” At one point, Vastra and Jenny run up behind him.

“Strax, the ship is going crash into London in ten minutes…Are you blogging?”

“…We have plenty of time.”


2 thoughts on “The New NuWho

  1. Told you, Capaldi is one of those men who’s face screams that something else is going on. Something devious. As Malcolm Tucker he was absurdly vicious and stingingly right (ok, the writing was fantastic, but onwed the part)
    The steampunk setting was beautiful too, something I think that would do well in tv at the mo. The Paternoster Gang would make a seriously nice spin off.

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