Online Radio Networks

I’m stuck at work finishing up some stuff, but hey with no one here I can do whatever I want. *spins in office chair* Wheee!

Including listening to great tunes.


It’s great for when you get bored with your iPod playlist. Using it for free (without an account) there are ads, but it’s still better than radio these days. Certainly the selection is better.

And if you are *really* into it, you can create your own “radio station.”

Man, I miss 80’s music…and 80’s music videos. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Online Radio Networks

  1. I looked, bugger me they have sooooo many folk stations, then there are subcategories! Playtime indeed, I saw Latin and thought ‘Ooo, bit of Hildegard, nice. Er, no not quite, still it was interesting.
    60’s traditional folk, 70’s electric folk, bit of prog rock, some of the best singer/songwriters ever in the 70’s. 80’s punk, oh the list goes on.
    Life can’t be lived without music.

    • Pretty cool, huh? There is something about a “radio” where you can’t predict what is going to play and you hear stuff you otherwise would not.

      And I agree about music. I actually took a world music class that was very fun, taught by a “Music Ethnologist.” The guy basically got grants to travel around the world and listen to and learn about music from different countries. He loved his subject, so the class was lots of fun. It’s one of those things that, anthropologically, is constant in all societies, but utterly distinctive and the types we prefer, how we react to certain notes and structures, is culturally conditioned into us from a very early age.

      I also use it as a red flag for my moods. If I have stopped listening to music, it’s a warning sign I am sinking into a depression.

      • Crumbs, that’s true, all through my bad patch I never picked up my mp3, or the radio, even the music on here passed me by. I hadn’t thought about it before. I must be better then, Alex came in the other day and told me to turn it down, no wonder I was going deaf! Bless him…
        I have a playlists for when I’m writing, mood enhancers I think, hope and joy (Vaughan-Williams works for me) anger, desolation (Tchaikovsky is so useful there) sensuality and lust (anything from the Medieval babes will do) passion is open to anything, from Bjork to the Manfred’s!
        I just can’t function without music.

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