Stress Relief: Elephant with Blue Ribbon Trumps Yoga.

I have a serious post in the works that I will post later tonight (Yes, I’m going to talk about Israel/Palestine) , but this is THE busiest day of the year for me and stuff keeps landing on my desk that all has to be done NOW! So not only busy, a wee bit wound. Just a tad.


So, de-stress with the cuteness.



11 thoughts on “Stress Relief: Elephant with Blue Ribbon Trumps Yoga.

    • And it’s very thought-through play too. Note at :50 she wrapped it around her trunk a few times, getting a good grip, before she really started flinging it around. And the way she repeats moves, she is going for specific effects. That is intelligent play.

    • Well, not to be rude, but I don’t care. I’m not going to bash anyone in the fanbase at large and I treasure the friendships I made there that extended outside that bubble, but it was just a bad fit (to say the least) and leaving the fanbase was probably one of the most stress-reducing things I have done for myself in a long time. Or at least if I am stressed over something online now, it’s something that matters, like politics. Or annoying pick-up trucks. 🙂

  1. I know what you mean. I had pretty much forgotten about the person who is the subject of Patchy’s blog. Found new people to be digusted with on IMDb and have now moved on from there. So S is actually two dislikes ago. 😀 I gave up on IMDb for the same reason you gave up on the fandom at large- too trivial to waste all that energy on. I remeber watching the news on Syria and Iraq and thinking “and I’m wasting my time fighting with f’wits on one of a million boards on an entertainment website?”

  2. Don’t know why Patchy’s back but I’m curious as to why they suddenly decided to revive the blog. I still follow “him” and two posts just showed up in my reader. :/

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