Ever Wanted to be *This* Close?

Check out the shockwave in the sky as it goes up. As someone pointed out in the comments given the time it took for the sound to reach them, this was taken from probably about two miles away.


5 thoughts on “Ever Wanted to be *This* Close?

  1. Yup. And it gives one an inkling what it was like when something like Thera/Santorini exploded, which probably led to the end of (or at least was a major factor) the Minoan Civilizaiton.

  2. I will say what the guy in the video obviously wanted to say: Holy SHIT! I loved watching this! MOre explosions I need more explosions and FIRE I want EXPLOSIONS and FIRE and I think it’s time I had a cup of tea and a lie down.

    • Not too keen on the dramatic Earth stuff, number one daughter lives in NZ, She skyped me to tell me all the tins fell off the supermarket shelves one afternoon. Now it that reasonable, I ask you, a whole bloody country wobbling??? Simply unacceptable…

      • It’s…interesting. Unsettling, if you will forgive the pun, to have that stable, reliable ground you unconsciously count on every moment of everyday suddenly gets frisky. Once you live on one of those areas tho’, you get used to it. In L.A. people wouldn’t even bother to mention it unless it was above a 4.0.

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