Good Reading

Augustick will appreciate this:


I did this reading last night.

It was a general, “Where do I go from here” question.

This is how I read a Celtic Cross:


Hope you can read that once you click it open. I know there are several ways to read a spread. How do you do it?

This was pretty bang on about where I am at and what the real problem is: Me. But the outcome is pretty good if I tackle my sloth and lack of impulse control/no aptitude for delayed gratification.

I also did a couple Yes/No readings (look for aces in the three lines of thirteen cards) about how to move forward, and it looks like I should throw my weight behind my academic pursuits and leave writing as a hobby. Maybe just taking the stress off it will help make it fun again. I was thinking of adding a minor in Public History anyway.


2 thoughts on “Good Reading

  1. I see you used the rare and gorgeous Rohrig deck. From what I can see, you don’t use a significator. I don’t either as I’ve never understood the purpose of them and using one takes away a potentially relevant card.

    • I agree. The process of selecting them is also a bit of a cheat, allowing the reader to mine the Questioner for information rather than rely on their skills. It also defeats the purpose as a reading is supposed to provide an outside, objective perspective and insight. You can’t do that if the Questioner is knowingly (rather than randomly) selecting their own card.
      Actually I have been told that doing reading for one’s self is faulty as well because one can’t be completely objective. But I sure can’t afford to lay out 50$ for reading.
      I love this deck because there is so much detail in the cards to draw information from. I usually switch off between this one and the Cat Deck.

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