Obama’s “Imperial Presidency” and the War Powers Act/Resolution

Dear Right-wing Americans who bitched and whined about how Obama was an “spineless empty suit” who was letting ISIS take over the Middle East, who are now screaming that he is being “unConstitutional” for authorizing bombings in cooperation with NATO,

This is The War Powers Resolution.

He has 60 days to do what he has to get the ball rolling. This is exactly how Bush-the-Greater declared war on Saddam in Gulf War I.

Now sit down and STFU.

Sincerely (you hysterical morons),


P.S. You twats just had to go fulfill my expectations, didn’t you? Yes, you hate him. He can do no right, even when he does the exact same things Republican presidents have done in the past. We get it. Since we all know what you are going to say and do in response to anything Obama does, can’t you just set up a shrieking muppet on a continuous loop on a cable access channel? I mean, the effect would be exactly the same and you would have so much more energy to prepare for the coming apocalypse.


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