Just a Quick Update…

…about the human trafficking thing. Now that the faculty and students are back on campus everyday, there has been more interest in this. I’m hoping to meet with the Geography Student club to see if we can work up some ideas for what we can actually do. I’m also going to reach out to my Anthropology advisor.

So that is NOT forgotten.


2 thoughts on “Just a Quick Update…

    • Thanks. It’s just shocking how prevelant it is worldwide. I would be very interested to know how many American companies either buy products from vendors who use slaves or use slaves themselves overseas. And of course that it is present in so many developed countries too is sickening. I don’t have any problem with prostitution so long as the prostitutes are consenting adults. But I think that the fact that so many brothels have to use people who have been forced into indentured servitude or are outright slaves shows how rare a consenting prostitute is.

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