Pilot Modeling ‘Please Don’t Shoot Me’-Wear



4 thoughts on “Pilot Modeling ‘Please Don’t Shoot Me’-Wear

  1. I’m slightly disturbed by the existence of such safety gear for pets and humans. I had naively assumed hunters make sure of what they’re shooting at before they pull the trigger but this gives the impression they just fire at anything that moves.

  2. They are supposed to yes. Sadly the number of hunting accidents indicates otherwise. The problem is white. Hunters watch for the white flash of a deer tail which is what happens when one alerts the herd. They take off with their tail up, revealing their white under-tail and the rest of the herd follows the white spot bounding away. Bad hunters shoot at it (hitting a deer in the ass won’t kill it and may not even bring it down). People wear white sweaters have been shot, just because of that poor instinct. I’ve been shot at just because I was moving. Pilot has that white blaze and chest. It’s just not safe for her to be out in the woods during hunting season without being clearly marked “Not a Deer.”

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