I Sense a Great Disturbance in the Geekdom

As if millions of geeks suddenly “Squee!”d in nerdgasm, and then were endlessly debating what should or should not be in the movie, making dramatic “I refuse to see if if they do/don’t do Blank!” statements.

Fox Sets Deadpool Release Date.

Awesome. 😀

I don’t know if I have ever seen viral marketing make a feature film happen, other than Serenity. The power of the fandom displayed in this event is pretty impressive.


3 thoughts on “I Sense a Great Disturbance in the Geekdom

  1. LMAO I love that teaser trailer, especially the bit where he’s sitting in the rolling van and holding up a drawing of him smacking the bad guy! Does this trailer give an accurate impression of Deadpool? If so, he should have been the FIRST character to get a film. I saw him in Wolverine (or whatever it was called) and liked the character but then I always like Ryan Reynolds. What did you think of Tyler Kitsch as Gambit? I know they’ve replaced him for the next film but I liked him. However, I’m not an X-Men fan so we probably see things differently.

    • Ugh, Deadpool’s protrayal in the Wolverine film was so far off the mark it left fans bewildered as well as enraged. It wasn’t even like Storm where it was just lame, it was flat out not Deadpool. This trailer *is* Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth.

      I have to admit I was not impressed with Gambit in the Wolverine film. Gambit isn’t just sultry and witty, he should be shaded layers of mystery, angst and noblilty he himself doesn’t think he has most of the time. Underneath the sultry and witty. For his smarmy/abrasive personality, he great with kids and was always better team player than Wolvie was when he joined the team. He’s actualy a pretty complex character (or at least was even before the Sinister connection was revealed :P). Granted that wasn’t there in the script for Kitsch to work with, so I can’t blame him. Maybe had he been given better material, or even just more material, he could have done more.

      I also was not happy with the way they altered his powers in the film, like he had telekintic control over objects. Gambit has one power: Via physical contact, releasing the kinetic energy in an object so it explodes on contact. The fun is how imginative he gets in using that power. One of my favorite examples is when he was being chased through a playground, he ran under the swingset, charging a swing as he pushed it over the bar and it smacked the bad guy with explosive force as he followed Gambit. He once charged an entire car, which the Thing then threw at a bunch of invading aliens. He managed to charge a thug’s dental braces. And that is something a lot of filmmakers haven’t quite grasped: You don’t need to add powers to a character, you just have to be imaginative.

      Claremont was so good that that. He didn’t slap on unrelated “secondary mutations” (such as Emma’s diamond form, which I can’t stand because it makes no freakin’ sense), he played with the power and explored the possiblities. For instance, Cypher, Doug Ramsey, long considered to have “the lamest X-power” of being able to translate any language, biological or technological. Shortly before Claremont handed over The New Mutants to another writer, he revealed that Cypher could read body language as well. (He was using it to win at poker.) The next writer missed that entirely and it wasn’t until recently that someone took Claremont’s hint and had Cypher using his ability to read body language in a fight. It has makes him a master tactician and excellent hand to hand combatant, able to read what his opponents will do and counter it.

      Anyway, that’s my geek rant for the day.

      • I hate it when film makers alter the original material without a damn good reason. They almost always do it for the wrong reason, such as pandering to certain demographics, sensationalism or a lack of imagination.
        Btw, I was lying in bed last night, about to go to sleep, when I suddenly thought “Did I call him Tyler Kitsch?” It’s Taylor. I should know. I watched him for five seasons in Friday Night Lights. D’oh.

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