Just 36% of Americans Can Name Which Parties Control House & Senate.


Now, I don’t know Keynesian Economics from a hole in the ground (something about “making hay while the sun shines and setting it aside for a rainy day”…I think), but if an American doesn’t know something this basic, they need to to shut up whenever politics comes up.

No. No. STFU. I have a bad enough time dealing with ignorant assholes that think the Constitution says this is a Christian nation and that Obamacare is “illegal.” If an American has shoved their head so utterly up their ass as to not know that the Senate is currently controlled by the Democrats and the House by the Republicans, if they are shrieking about politics when they can’t even identify who is in power where, they need to Shut. The fuck. Up. And go back and take a Civics and Government class again.

On a lighter note:

Stop it. I am a magnificent specimen of…STOP THAT!


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