4Chan, Emma Watson and the Other Side of This Discussion

This is disgusting. (Not surprising it came out of 4Chan, but even for them, this is sick.)

Sexual Threats Against Emma Watson Are an Attack on Every Woman.

I agree completely. This is an appalling response to what was a reasonable attempt to reach across the gender divide and illuminate how women’s rights benefit all of society.

First of all on a purely rational plane, if this is the only response these people can muster, they have no valid argument against what she said.

On the moral plane they are no better than certain fundamentalist religious regimes who refuse to allow women freedom of speech using shame and threats of violence. They are not member of any democracy or republic, they merely wear the clothes in order to enjoy the freedoms while trying to deny them to others. They need to be deported to nation’s whose code of ethics matches their own. I hear Yemen is just lovely this time of year.

The fact that they would make this a sexual issue and threat is appalling and shows a moral bar set so low, Lucifer is playing limbo with it.

I also agree with the article in that this is constant with the mysoginst view that women have to be responsible for men’s sexual behavior. This article makes it clear that, in these perverts’ (and not “perverts” in a nice, consensual way) minds, women’s behavior does not even have to have anything to do with sex for them to be sexually “punished.”

I would call them “animals,” but that’s an insult to animals.


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