Endangered: Red Wolves

Red Wolves are a separate wolf species, related to Coyotes and the Eastern Timber Wolves, that are native to the Southeastern United States. They are a highly adaptable species that ranged over various environments through the South East until the arrival of Europeans who hunted them for their fur or slaughtered them as pests. They are now one of the rarest canids in the world, with 207 in captivity and approximately 100 living in the wild.

Red Wolf2 Red Wolf pups

I have had the poignant pleasure of seeing one in the wild, relatively close, within 20 feet. It was trotting away from me across a field…

…that a few months later was developed into a massive apartment complex.

We are in the middle of farm country and there are large herds of dear roaming across people’s fields of corn, soy and tobacco. Other than humans, we have no other apex predators left in eastern NC. Red wolves are a natural population control, and pest control. Plus they are a beautiful, extremely rare, precious species that would otherwise be thriving were it not for us.

red wolves

Captive breeding programs have been slowly reintroducing them into the wild in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. Now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering abandoning the Red Wolf Conservation Program.*

They are asking for public feedback.

Anyone, please shoot them an e-mail or drop them a post card. This is not just a U.S. issue or even a wolf issue, but an issue facing species all over the planet in a mass extinction event. We can’t abandon them.

Red Wolf

*If you want to see me get pissed at the President, just ask me about his environmental policies. Obama sucks donkey balls when it comes to protecting the environment. “Liberal” my ass.


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