In Honor of Banned Books Week

I can’t believe not a one of you ladies did Fanny Hill. Very disappointing.


4 thoughts on “In Honor of Banned Books Week

  1. Not Fanny Hill, I ain’t read it yet. I do have a half finished post sitting in my drafts though (my husbands been off for seven days, SEVEN!!!) I just gotta finish the next episode for No Honour and then I’ll get back to the draft and then, and then…..Kersplat, gnargh, ker-pow, MELTDOWN!

    • “No Honor?” Things to to stack up don’t they? When you are a kid, why don’t they ever warn you that life is going to try to nickel and dime you to death? It’s never the huge things that do you in, it’s the little ones gathering like a snowball rolling down a mountain that eat away at your time and you wallet and your soul.

      You’ve not read Fanny Hill? Jeez, that was my introduction to sex.

      Caty, seriously, you need to make her read it. Use a whip if you have to. 😉

      Looking forward to reading your post. 🙂

  2. No honour among thieves, it’s on watty. I know about Fanny Hill, I just ain’t got round to it, lame I know. I will go to the online library and reserve it now. I’ve got two to pick up tomorrow anyway and three to go back that I haven’t even looked at yet. I’m not the most organised of people and things snowball pretty frequently.

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