*sigh* Cats Happen


Sorry it’s dark (and fuzzy), I didn’t want to scare the little gal.

She’s been wandering around the copse behind the apartment building for days. This morning Pilot rushed her and she didn’t move so I picked her up (with minimal hissing). Turns out she’s got a pretty bad headcold so she is quarantined in my bathroom for the time being.  I have medication left over from the last time one of my cats had a cold, so I’ll start treating her tonight once she has settled in a bit.

(She’s settling in. She eaten a bit of canned food, found the impromtu litter-box and she somehow climbed up three shelves and has found a hidey-hole behind a basket.)

I’m not keeping her, I’ve got a full house as is and I don’t know what her name is. My pets, I knew instantly what their names were. It was a sign they were mine. I don’t so…

Anyone want a kitty?


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