Human Trafficking: It’s Not Just About Sex

The more I read, the more shocking it becomes.

Would you believe school districts are importing indentured servants? To teach?



In education we’re constantly bombarded with the idea that we need to “run schools like businesses.” This is the natural progression of that mindset: Exploiting people.

Human trafficking is apparently the second swiftest growing crime  in the U.S..

What the HELL is wrong with the U.S.? Is our obsessive love of moneymoneymoneymoneymoney and the hatred of the poor made us devalue human life entirely?

The Polaris Project is one of the biggest and best groups in the U.S. working to end human trafficking and help its victims.

P.S. This story came across today:

Burmese Fishermen Escape Exploitation in Indonesia.




2 thoughts on “Human Trafficking: It’s Not Just About Sex

    • I think it’s the rampant “Free Market” capitalism. I firmly believe that *controlled*, well-regluated capitlism is the most socially permeable economic system working. However, uncontrolled capaitalism always *always* results in human exploitation on some level.

      America has been on the “Free Market” kick since Reagan, pulling down regluations and protection for employees (at will employment, destroying unions, destroying pensions). Add in hatred of the poor and xenophobia and you end up with this.

      And while most of it takes place overseas, American companies have their hands in a lot of it. Phillip Morris was caught using slave children on tabbacco farms in Kazakhstan. Several clothing lines use cotton grown by slaves in Uzbekistan. .

      As I said in another post, half the U.S. looks to capitalism as if it’s a god that can save us all if we just sacrifice everything to it. They see any regluation on making money to be an infringement of liberties. Well, when throw you egregious human exploitation into the mix with “protecting our rights!,” you hear the faint echo of the anti-bellum South.

      This is why any economic system needs regluation. Because *any* of them allow a small group of the powerful to brutalty exploit the powerless.

      That’s my opinion anyway.

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