Yup, I’m pulling the trigger.


Selling a good chunk of my comic book collection.

From eight long boxes down to three and a half. I sorted out the keepers, the Claremont and Whedon X-Men/New Mutant titles, the Simonson and Straczynski Thor, Sandman, The Red Star, Liberty Meadows, etc.. The stuff I actually pull out and read sometimes. The rest of it is just ego. I have it just to have it, so that means it’s time to let it go.

It wasn’t as much of a wrench as I thought it would be. But then I read Robert Johnson’s Transformation, recently. I had read his She, He and We books earlier in my life. I like his literary approach, and while I don’t agree with all he has to say, he always has good insights.

Transformation was much the same, though it was aimed at men and there were parts that did not apply to me, there were parts that did. We all go through transformations in our lifetime. Perhaps not as linearly with so few steps, but we all grow and change. We all reach points where what we are doing doesn’t do it for us anymore. And the more we hold onto those things and processes, the bigger the crisis becomes.

I have gone though several plateaus, crisis and then moves forward in my lifetime and I feel like I’m at the point where I’m moving forward again. And part of that is getting rid of the extraneous crap, trying to live smaller, live more simply. Moving toward my tiny home.


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