Since it’s been a few days, I thought I should at least do some quick updates.

Tiny Homes

First of all, a friend of Pretty Witty Nell found this article on how some cities are attempting to outlaw living off the grid.

“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.”

Of course, that is after all the zoning laws that mandate a minimum size for lots and houses, which is why many Tiny Homes are built on trailers so they qualify as “mobile” homes to skirt around the zoning laws.

Here is the updated design for my tiny home, the fourth version:


I moved the couch to give me more continuous space for the kitchen for the dogs to move around in (they do love to play and thump about, I’ll walk them as per usual and hopefully have a yard as well, but they will still need space inside), but I could not get past that choke point into the study area. Once I actually measured that out between two pieces of furniture and tried walking through it, I realized it was impossible. It was passible, but not not to live with everyday. Also all the appliances under the counter in the kitchen took away under-counter space for pots and pans, plus a section for the trash, recycling and a small compost container. So I needed another place to put the compact washer. (I’d like a combo washer dryer unit, but damn those are expensive.)  So I gave up that block of stairs and a wall for a straight staircase. It also opens the entire space up. In this video, the person has set up a pull down projection screen and projector, so I will use those and my laptop for my viewing pleasure.

I was going with SIPs, but then I thought about moving it (which is a factor) so will use a board interior, painted white. It will have strength and flexibility. With SIPs I might have to worry about the joins between the panels being offset or coming apart.

I figure between the first floor + sleeping loft – staircase = 219.5 livable square feet. (And then there is the storage loft in the front.)

Kitten Update

The kitten is doing much better, cleared of her cold. Her sinus congestion was so horrible it took her about a week to clear it completely and stop snurgling. (Kinda nice to know cats can have horrible colds that make them look inelegant too.) With my next paycheck I will take her into the vet make sure she does not have feline leukemia, then start the adoption process.

One month, minimum.


Term paper, term paper, term paper. 15 pages on various lunar Goddess around the world. At least the ones I can find lots of citable information on.

Met with my Anthropology advisor to get things straightened out with my transfer credits to prep for graduation, which at one free class a semester (we get them as a benefit to staff) is still years away. *le sigh*

Anti-Human Trafficking

The new club is going well, getting organized, electing officers, getting recognized by the university, trying to figure out what we can do. I’m working on getting a speaker from the Polaris Project to come down in the Spring and liaising with other clubs (Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science and Geography) to let them know we are here. We’re also going to help out with an anti-trafficking conference in the ENC.

I’m glad I did this. My natural inclination is to lean toward environmental causes, and I still donate and spread the world about those. But with my anti-social nature, doing something with human beings is probably good for me and more importantly, hopefully, for them.

So there’s a lot on my plate

Congratulations to WhatCatyDidNext’s son, who completed his degree.

Well done!!


8 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Errr, it is lovely that you tagged me in…But is that a joke, a typo, or a deep seated manifestation of your psyche? Actually I don’t care and don’t change it coz it made me laugh!!!!
    I love your tiny house too, I will think of it when we go and stay in a caravan this weekend.

  2. Oh, you beauty! Thank you for spreading the word that my baby boy is amazing. (OK, I his mother think he’s amazing.) They were all amazing, the whole class of 35 were ‘mature students’ all with families to support, most already working hard within the NHS.
    God Bless the NHS!

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