Kitten Update


Why? Why did you take to that place where they poked me repeatedly?


She has such good taste.

So “Miranda” (I had to come up with something for records’ sake) had her first visit to the vet yesterday and got she is feline leukemia and distemper free. (Yay!) But her upper respiratory infection (cold) means she should not mingle yet. (Damnit!)

But she is on the waitlist to get into the local no-kill shelter and by the time she cycles through that, she should be fine. I also have a flyer up in my vet’s office.

Taking the time to do it right.


5 thoughts on “Kitten Update

    • Actually, that’s just the reflection of the flash off the retnas. Her eyes, which took a long times to settle into one colour, are yellow.

      I ended her quarentine and started socializing her. She has no fear of the dogs whatsoever, or the other cats. (“Oh, brave new world…”) They aren’t so sure about her, tho’.

      • Interesting you say that, because she is not really black, but a very, very, very, very, very dark tabby. It’s hard to tell in pictures, but the coat on her body and head is striped dark brown and black. It’s very subtle. Her legs and tail are the only solid black on her, sort of like a Siamese. I have no idea what she is going to look like when she gets older.

      • Nelly belly’s cat is as black as your hat (actually so is her dog Tips, never thought about that.) with the biggest round eyes you ever did see!
        Not a true cat person to be honest, had a few, I just prefer oggies relentless adoration!

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