Speaking of Comic Book Magick Users…

Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Doctor Strange.



He was never in the running in my “dream casting,” but he more than capable of taking on both sides of Doctor Strange: The man of science and magick. Strange has one of the more dramatic origin character arcs, going from world famous and coldly egotistical surgeon, to destitute and desperate loser, to humble adherent who learns to truly care for others, to Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts, responsible for the safety and magickal/spiritual well-being of the entire universe. In short, it’s the kind of role Cumberbatch can eat up with a ladle.

In the past Strange has too often been treated as an exposition machine by other comic book titles, aloof, all knowing, but sometimes a writer comes in and makes the character fun. A character who can be in the otherworld, but who’s core of humanity ensures he is never of it.

And there is his interest in sports.

Can’t get hockey scores on the Astral Plane.

Is this your phone?

And the fact while he does truly care, one of Strange’s defining characteristics/flaws is confidence that occasionally crosses the line into dangerous arrogance. He has fucked up, and fucked up badly, a few times to the point he has voluntarily relinquished his title for a time. But he does have a wry sense of humor, rather necessary in his line of work, and humanity that will balance nicely with the arrogance to keep the character from falling into a Sherlockian pigeon hole. (Though I can see him using touches of Sherlock’s arrogance for the beginning of Strange’s story.)

I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Speaking of Comic Book Magick Users…

  1. He’ll do very nicely, his face is oddly reptilian, remarkable, and as an actor, more than up to it. I was disappointed by Constantine, wasn’t he a Brit? Surely Reeves could have managed an accent? The film wasn’t too bad, quite interesting actually. So I look forward to us getting a wee peek…

  2. Yeah, John Constantine is from Liverpool. At least the new TV show made him English. Doctor Strange is American. Hopefully they won’t make him British like they did Professor X. (Yes, Charles Xavier is supposed to be an American, but Patrick Stewart/James McAvoy are so perfectly cast, we aren’t complaining.)

    Cumberbatch does break the classic mold for what constitutes “attractive” in the entertainment industry, but It works. Individually, he has all these perfect features that physically were put together…slightly oddly, but what makes it all work is his personality, I think. Too much of a dandy for my tastes, but he’s intelligent, self and socially aware and upbeat on top of being a really good actor.

    In this case, I think his unusual look will work to the character’s advantage.

    • True, it’s the intelligence that comes through and makes it all work. In Starter for Ten he was the comedy turn, and did it beautifully, in To the Ends of the Earth there was a scene where they were preparing for a sea battle, he had me enthralled with the excitement and terror of it..
      Going to see the National/ Danny Boyle’s thingy on Thursday, seriously looking forward to it. Two Sherlocks on one stage!!!!

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