Winter is Coming


Not as spectacular as New England, but pretty in it’s own way. The white dots are seagulls, who move inland during the winter. They just started showing up this weekend, signalling cold and stormy is imminent.When it snows, this little lake/large pond becomes very popular with waterfowl of all kinds.

Why I like coming home.



8 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. That’s one thing we don’t get in Australian, the beautiful seasonal displays of colour. There are a lot of european trees in parks, gardens and streetscapes but that’s not on the same scale as a whole continent of gorgeous autumn colour.
    The pic of the window is very sweet IF it’s your loyal dog waiting for you, veeery scary if you’ve never seen that dog before in your life.

    • Oh, I love the idea that Pilot’s guarding the homestead, and watching for you! As I step into our street I can hear my girls yakking, noisy little buggers. But then I can’t imagine coming home to silence.
      The trees are almost all bare here now, my Sumac’s were glorious blazes of red feathers, my Black Poplar, a cloud of gold for about a month, now there are just tree bones. And it’s raining, again…Blagh.

      • Mine stay pretty quiet if they get enough exercise in the morning. If not, I have “the thundering herd.” I have to try to keep them quiet lest all the bumping and brawling bug my downstairs neighbor.

        The leaves of your trees sound lovely. See, November is my favorite time of year; the colder weather and the stark imagery of bare branches against a grey sky. I love living somewhere I can see the turn of the season and get to know the natural rhythms and quirks of a natural place. I simply can not imagine myself living in a city again. I would go mad.

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