The last two weeks have been really crappy. (I will be so glad when 2014 is over.)

So I have doing nothing but pure escapism. I finished Goldman’s The Lady Queen (a review is in my Goodreads feed). I’ve been reading Sabatini (though there does not seem to be an electronic version of The Black Swan out there…very odd), catching up on TV shows (Blacklist, Arrow, Flash, Marvel: Agents of Shield, and of course Constantine and Doctor Who), and working on my tiny house design.

This leaves more room in the living area, shortens the length I have to run water pipes, and deals with the reality of the wheel wells.

Jenny's Tiny House Design2

I also got to see Big Hero 6 which was fantastic. A wonderful film with a lot of heart that hits all the tropes without being stale.

As far as TV goes:

The Blacklist. I will watch anything with James Spader. He knows how to effortlessly portray being the smartest one in the room with no modesty or shame about either affably or sinisterly lording it over you, sometimes at the same time.

The Arrow took a while to get good, but it has. Though I feel like I should be bothered that Steven Amell + twenty years looks like my ex. But I am totally on board with the Olicity ‘ship. Plus, John Barrowman’s playing affably evil.

The Flash is just fun.

Marvel: Agents of Shield has actually gotten good. It ties into the movie-verse tightly and the whole “Hydra sleeping in SHIELD” thing gave the show the direction it lacked.

Constantine is good. Not great, but good. It’s the first season, so it may take a while to find it’s feet. I did like last week’s play on the Robert Johnson myth.

Doctor Who. It took a while for Capaldi to settle in, but he has and very well. The stories also got fantastic. And Missy (Michelle Gomez) was a brilliant twist on the madness John Simm had set up. (Though just who will Charles Dance be playing?)


One thought on “Escapism

  1. I was wondering why you were so quiet and hoping you were ok. Only six more weeks and we can all punch 2014 in the face and kick its arse out of the moving car of life then drive off laughing.
    Do you have plenty of information resources for your little house. You can find books on the topic on cheeky monkey websites. (I’m thinking of the kind of cheeky monkey that steals stuff from tourists .)

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