Last year was just wretched and took a lot out of me, and just the time off over the holidays…

…and a new muse…


Dear Sir, I have a bodice in dire need of ripping. Please attend, soonish. Yours, Kip

…got me writing (a bit) again (something I have not enjoyed in years). On the advice of my friend, my shrink and one of the faculty members here, I’m taking at least this semester off to recoup and regroup.

And write.

My problem is I suck at being proactive and self-motivating (I don’t have an instant gratification monkey, I have an instant gratification gorilla), and I need a schedule/structure to function best. Being on the ship taught me that, so I have to create some kind of schedule and stick to it.


11 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. I find it reaaally hard to stick to a schedule. I would like to more organised but I have a hubby who works shifts, and children. So I have to throw a wobbly before I can get access to the PC. Are you going to post your work?

    • I can see where those would throw a kink in things. I seem to be fortunate(?) in that regard and don’t have many demands on my time. I can’t make any excuses. If I don’t stick to a schedule it’s completely my fault.

      There is a novel that I have been researching off and on for ages that really needs to be written, but it was FanFic that drew my back in. The FF I will definitely post (though it will not be as salacious as previous FF works). I might post a chapter here or there of the novel, but that is one I want to sell, so not the whole thing.

      I’m actually considering taking the JPK stories down because they are rather graphic (o.k. one is very graphic) because I’m rather embarrassed by the crush. Not so much on JP (who is awesome), but on Armitage. But on the other hand, I did it, it’s out there, it’s not like I can deny it. Oh, I dunno.

      How about you, how is your writing going?

      • Procrastinating at the moment, and embarrassing myself trying to set up a thread on wattpad. I have a couple of chapters in the tank, they just need more working on. I find it almost impossible to write when Mr Nellie is home, because every time I get the scene in my head he NEEDS something from me.
        Can you not convert your fanfic to original? That’s way you still retain what you’ve written.

      • Possibly, though it never would be “original” (John Porter is pretty recognizable in his background, which is gone into in detail) and I tend to view that sort of thing as a cheat (especially as that is what E.L. James did with the 50 Shades of Derp nonsense).

        Tell Mr. Nellie to get it himself for a couple hours. 🙂

  2. My only RA fanfic online, was actually an original I adapted to into a fanfic. So when I a round tuit, I’ll change it back to how it was.

    I see where you’re coming from, though my biggest issue with 50 shades was how much women went mad for it when it wasn’t very good, and there is so much better stuff out there.

    I’ve just given my Kindle story a full edit. It’s a bit rubbish, I know that, but I have to draw a line under it and leave it now. It’s embarrassing to look back at our earlier stuff, but it does also shows our journey.

    My brother was talking about one of his favourite musicians, who told his fans that he was only going to play his newer stuff because the quality was so much better. My brother said, ‘the thing is, I liked the raw quality of his old stuff. Now it’s polished, it sound’s generic.’

    • See that’s cool. That’s yours. Now you can remove the FF parts and develop it further.

      My issue with 50 Shades was A. It was horribly writen B. It was an abusive relaitonship clothed in the trappings of BDSM. C. The way the publishing world (and the reviewing world tried to) supported such an awful novel. But I don’t think that making money off someone else’s ideas is cool.

      “Art is never finished, only abandoned” ~ Da Vinci

      It’s not merely the quality. It’s the ardor of the crush that is rather embarassing now. It’s the author insertion. It’s not merely the self indulgent, amatureness of i, It’s “What if a BF were to ever see that?”

      • Pills was a bit of a Mary Sue, hell, it was a bit of a Gary Stu as well, all deliciously wrapped around a muse I have long discovered had feet of clay.

        Mr Nellie could either be seen as remarkably tolerant or utterly uncaring. The truth is he’s just supportive. We all have our crushes in our heads, my Mr’s is a fondness for small antipodean women, and that has been a long serving fantasy harking back to the beginning of our relationship. It’s normal to have them. I bet any future BF does too. I’m not saying explore that together (might be a bit too freakydeaky) I’m just sayin’ is all.

      • It’s one thing to say “I had/have a crush on so and so.” It’s another to have very explicit sexual fantasies out there, even if unintentionally, throwing them in a RL partner’s face, especially at the outset. These FF’s cross that line, merrily so. The small mercy is that they are with a fictional character I found more impressive than the person playing him. I just remember dating one guy and spending the first night in bed hearing what his previous GF was like in bed. Didn’t set the right tone for the relationship.

  3. There’s a whole different emotional issue going on there.

    However, I’ve slept on this and understand your point. Take them down and draw a line under it. You can either adapt them at a later date, or steal scenes from them if and when you need. It’s like an edit and reinvention with your self. I have no problems shedding a skin that no longer fits and moving on, it’s cathartic.

  4. I loved that thing you linked to so much I saved the entire webpage.
    What type of things are you interested in writing about?

    • Oops. Sorry for the delay. Well, I have a Norman Conquest story that I have researching casually for a while now. And at the moment, some Musketeer fanfic.

      How are you doing?

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