Native Mainers Don’t Say Much, But….

…when someone pisses us off that much, you will get, with both barrels, dry rational derision.

Especially if you happen to go after one of her beloved sons, who also happens to be an author:

Teabagger Gov. LePage Goes After Stephen King, King Responds Brilliantly.

When I was growing up, King lived over in Lovell. As a kid we were raised on the school playground on “Stephen King’s baby sitter” stories.

“Stephen King’s babysitter found this gruesome thing is his attic…Stephen King’s babysitter found that gruesome thing in his basement.”

But he is actually an extremely cool guy.

If you are a writer, his On Writing is indispensable. No vague uplifting flowers and unicorns. This is real nuts n’ bolts advice interspersed with his own life-stories that influenced his writing.

I don’t agree with him on adverbs (the Gods did invent them for a reason), but still, very useful book.


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