Shot of downed Imperial Cruiser? Niiiiice. Mark Hamill voice over? Sweet. Trashed Vader Helmet? Cool. Look of new Sith? Gold.

HAN F-ing SOLO!!!!!!


And Chewie!

I was always more of a Star Trek than Star Wars fan, but seriously, Han Solo. He was one of my very first crushes and he still is hot to me.

And truthfully, as bad as the prequels were, The Clone Wars TV series had some great stories and characters in it, far, far better than the prequel films. (It takes place between the second and third prequel films. You actually get to see Anakin as a likable character!) It’s really is worth the watch.

Actually after watching The Clone Wars and then going back and watching Revenge of the Sith, the TV show actually gives the film emotional resonance because you get to know all the Clones as good guys and you get to know all the Jedi that are shown being killed. The problem is that from the Classic Star Wars films, we have “Stormtroopers are bad guys” ingrained into our heads. After watching Clone Wars, that “Order 66” scene becomes much more shocking and tragic.

And I am hoping that these films will answer one of the biggest fan questions: What happened to Ahsoka Tano?

BTW- Interesting hypothesis: Some have wondered if Han’s fabled “luck” is actually that he is Force-sensitive and that he is mildly, subconsciously, wielding the Force.


6 thoughts on “Aiiigh! AIIIIIIIIIIGGGGH!

  1. I lost it when Han and Chewie appeared.

    The trailer has the feel of the original trilogy but I don’t know whether I can let myself trust Lucas again. It’s so hard to forgive and put the prequels behind me. I want to love again but I’m afraid. *sob*

    • Thing is, the plot of the prequels was a very good one. It’s was multilayered, and good political intrigue/suspense with great Jedi fights.

      It was the damn characters. Anakin was just utterly unlikeable. And the actor wasn’t that great either, and he was the pivot point of the entire story arc. You can’t have your main character be an unlikable little ass.

      “Oh, Obi Wan is holding me back!”

      I was waiting for Obi Wan to say something like, “Oh yeah? The Council doesn’t even want you trained you whiny, ungrateful little punk. I’m doing this on my own. Why don’t I dump your ass back on Tattooine back in slavery and then you can think about what “held back” really means.”

      And the director somehow managed to make Natalie Portman wooden. Let’s not even begin on Jar Jar. All the characters were flat, just moving chess pieces with little individuality. Functionaries of the story rather than three dimensional characters driving the story. Obi Wan was probably the only likeable/accessible character of the bunch with some individual personality, but that was subdued too.

      And it just proves the old adage about writing true: If you have great characters, the audience will forgive flaws in plot. If you do not have great characters, the audience is not going to get into the story in the first palace.

      I am hoping with the switch in production companies/directors, the characters are going to be better. J.J. Abrams did a good job with the Star Trek reboot films, a good job with the characters and picking the actors, so I have hopes for these three Star Wars films. I’m not going to get carried away, but I have hopes.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head with your analysis of what went wrong with the prequels. Even if you’re going to make your main character an anti-hero you still have to make your audience want to follow his journey. Me, I wanted to send him away to boarding school until he grew out of all the snotty teen angst crap. As for little blonde boy genius Anakin, that’s exactly the kind of character I automatically hate.

    I forgot Lucas isn’t directing this one. That gives me reason to hope.

  3. Kip, I need your nerdspertise. (That’s nerd expertise and I apologise for my compulsive use of portmanteaus.) I’ve been reading a lot of Winter Soldier fanfic and they almost always write him as a Frankenstein’s Monster type of character, a childlike creature that can’t use complex syntax and has a toddler’s control of his id. “Winter want ice cream NOW or Winter kill.” I just realise fanfic writers tend to make him a smaller, hotter version of the Hulk. When he’s not regressed to the terrible twos, he’s an affectless robot. I disagree with this characterisation. For one thing, he supposedly had an affair with Black Widow and that’s a bit too complex an undertaking for a mindless machine. Is there any online resource you can point me to that gives a comprehensive biography of The Winter Soldier as written in the comics? I’d be particularly interested in learning what Hydra actually did to him and what his life was like between missions. Did he immediately go back into cryo? How did he interact with others on a mission, like the STRIKE team on the bridge in the film? What did he remember after the wipes? Was it like Memento and every time they defrosted him they had to explain who he was and who they were? I need to know what’s canon, as opposed to the fanon version of Murder Toddler (which is actually a Winter Soldier trope I’ve come across. ) I’ve checked out but I’m hoping there’s more info available.

    I hate to bother you with this and if it’s too much trouble, please tell me. It’s just that you’re the only ubernerd I know.

    One last question- in the film Pearce said to “prep” him and a tech said “He’s been out of cryo for too long”. Pearce replies “then wipe him and start over.” What is “prepping” and why does the length of time out of cryo mean they can’t perform this procedure?

  4. In the comics the Soviets (Hydra never got their hands on him) did keep him in cryostasis between missions to stop him aging, but they never wiped his mind between missions. His amnesia was a natural result of his accident and he just never recovered his memory of who he was until Cap used the Cosmic Cube on him.

    He is very much a three dimensional character, just one with a lot of baggage and guilt over what he had become, including some resentment and yet affection towards Cap.

  5. Thank you, Obi Kip Kenobe, you’re a bloody legend, as they say on Tatooine. Btw, I’ve road tested “Obi Kip Kenobe” a few times and decided that is now your legal name when acting in your capacity as wise and learned nerd. 😀

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