Once Upon a Time in Generation X

As someone said, “It’s not how many of these movies have you seen, it’s how many times you have seen these movies.”

Some Kind of Wonderful was one of the underrated John Huges Movies, if only for Duncan

My sister and I had a tradition of watching Breakfast Club before the start of every school year.


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Generation X

  1. Lol, when these films came out I was a 30 something mum, and I still loved them! Strangely they were rather exotic, not resembling my school days, or even my adolescence very much. The ‘teenage angst’ thing was still in its infancy in the 60’s British suburbs.
    As an after thought, do they make these films any more?

  2. I’ve finally caught up on your posts. Sorry I haven’t been here, I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks with dyeing my hair purple and losing my cat in a road collision.
    I loved this video, and was pleased to see Heathers in it, that film was my favourite. In fact I once wrote a fan fic about it before I even knew fan fic existed.

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