Remember What I Said…. (warning: Triggers for Animal Lovers)

…way back when about adopting animals out?

Turns out, doing it over the internet isn’t the only bad way to do it.

Someone couldn’t train their Staffie (who like any 50 lb., 15 month old untrained adolescent dog was hard to handle) and sold her on the spot for 10$ (or 20$, depending on whose story you listen too). A few days later, she was found looking like this:



The veterinarians estimated she had been like that for two days. Unable to eat or drink, the bloodflow to her tongue and part of lips cut off. However, some time in an hyperbaric chamber and cold laser surgery and it looks like she is is on the road to recovery. The Vets are hoping they will not have to remove part of her tongue and lips, but she is on solid food and the outlook is good.


And the police caught the unrepentant piece of trash who did it.

Court documents allege Dodson purchased the dog, which was known as “Diamond” at the time, for $20 on May 25. A witness who said she sold him the dog told investigators Dodson approached the woman who sold him the dog and said he had taped the dog’s face with electrical tape because she would not stop barking. The witness said Dodson was laughing about the claim, court documents state.

Dodson also reportedly told the witness he had chained the dog in his front yard but that the dog had broken free and escaped, the affidavit states.

The dog was found the following day, Wednesday morning, on someone’s doorstep with electrical tape wrapped around her muzzle.

Hopefully this waste of genetic material will get the full sentence of the law and be banned from ever owning another animal.

Hopefully from veterinary care Caitlyn will go to a rescue who will find her a forever home with kind, responsible human beings.

So again folks; if you must adopt your pets out, *never* give/sell them to random strangers.


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