O.K., Enough

Vandals Attack Walter J. Palmer’s Vacation Home

Look, I hate trophy hunting and I abhor and mourn what happened to Cecil, but this has gone too far. I hope Palmer is extradited for his crimes, but doxxing, death threats, and vandalism are completely inappropriate. (And in this case, bizarre. Pickled pigs feet?) It’s ugly, and does nothing to advance the cause of his legal prosecution or animal conservation. It makes people who want to save animals look like as big nut-bags as the douchebags I talked about below.

And his family does not deserve to suffer for what he did.

Knock it off and let the law authorities and courts handle it.

In the meantime, if you want to do something, do something useful.

African Conservation Experience

Top Ten Animal Conservation Projects

Wildlife Conservation Expeditions

Or find a wildlife conservation group charity to volunteer locally for or give to. (I bet you can find one in your area trying to clean up your local river or beach. Trying to save local wildlife or parks.)


3 thoughts on “O.K., Enough

    • There are certain good things that have come from internet vigilantism. If Anonymous had not put that video of the Stubenville Rapists bragging about what they had done online, it’s likely they would have walked. Several animal abuse cases have come to the attention of authorities and the abusers/killers have been identified and prosecuted. A lot of pedophilia/underage/”Jailbait”/up-skirt message boards have been shut down by the public outing of their members.

      And of course there’s Wikileaks.

      However, it’s one thing to find the name of someone engaging in criminal activity. It’s another to post their home address and workplace publicly, threaten them, terrorize them. Just hand their names over to the cops and let them do their work. Anything else can be taken as interference in an investigation. It certainly muddies the waters and does not help the image of the opposing side.

      But if someone makes an attention whore of themselves, they deserve to be shamed for what they, themselves, have publicized. Not doxxed or threatened, but ridiculed.

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