Prepare Yourselves…

…for mas violence, foul language and breaking the 4th wall. Repeatedly.

And chimichangas.

Yes, it’s Marvel’s first R-Rated movie (which really was the only way they could do justice to the character). Since Blade anyway.

First there was the viral trailer to get the fan momentum going for this film that came out last year (which had the best use of “Just Call Me Angel” in an film or TV program, ever). Then the release date announcement.

Then the leaked trailer from ComicCon (which has some additional footage than the official trailer below, but it’s small with really crappy resolution) a few weeks go.

Then the teaser for the official trailer.

And now, for to make Geek-Happy! This, people, is Deadpool.

NSFW, small children, sensitive AI’s and fainting goats.

It’s is so good to be a geek these days.


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