What is Up with the Trophy Hunting Attention Whores?

Granted, the vast majority of big game trophy “hunters” are men with obvious issues.

And I have absolutely no trouble with women going out in the field hunting.

It’s just the ones who actually hunt using skill tend to look like this:


Or competitively, like this:


Not like this:


She worked so hard tracking this animal that her make up is perfect and her hair freshly curled, no less.

But over the last year a number of women have not only appeared in the in the big game trophy hunting field, they made damn sure they got noticed by the greater public.

First we had the cheerleader who loved to kill animals with her Barbie-Pink accented bow and arrows. (I always loved how she “tracked” those animals so hard her makeup was perfect for all these pictures of her and the animals she killed.)

Then there was “I wanna be a Playboy model, but in skin-tight fake camouflage with blood stains.” (My favorite pic is her using a chainsaw with her long flowing hair hanging right next to it while she implies what a pro she is at using chainsaws.)

And now, only a week after the public outcry over the poaching of Cecil, yet another female trophy hunter thrust herself into the spotlight.

Once again, don;t you love how hard she worked to track this animal that her clothes are clean, her hair is nice and flowing, and her make-up is perfect?

Once again, don’t you love how hard she worked to track this animal that her clothes are clean, her hair is nice and flowing, and her make-up is perfect?

And not merely through taunting people outraged over trophy hunting on her Facebook page, but by going on the Today Show to talk about how “right” trophy hunting is, using the usual disproven “conservation” argument, swearing she had “great respect” for the animals she killed (I guess she is trying to have some sort of pseudo-“Native American” vibe that rationalizes that it’s totally o.k. to needlessly kill animals for your ego so long as you say you “respect” them). And, my personal favorite since it is so desperately pathetic, that “giraffes are really dangerous.”

Otherwise known as the Uncle Jimbo defense:

Giraffes are only dangerous if you deliberately provoke them (especially a mother and calf). They are not randomly rampaging through villages stomping on people. In fact, millennia of dealing with real hunters have made most in the wild human-avoidant. They are not flying over to the U.S. and breaking into your home. You are not “fighting them over there so you don’t have to fight them here”

You obnoxious, bloodthirsty fuckwit.

What is interesting is that I found in the course of researching this post is the biggest direct problem locals encounter with wildlife are elephants and hippos eating their crops, which can result in major income loss. However, there are non-lethal ways of dealing with that. It’s at very advanced technique called: Chilli powder.

But we got off track. I don’t want to shame any women about hunting. I think it’s cool that women get out there and hunt (non-Vulnerable or Endangered species for food) and shoot competitively. They are, after all, better shots. But these trophy hunting women, at least the ones trying so desperately to get noticed, are doing something else entirely. What is disturbing is while the trophy hunting men have a macho element to their pictures, many of these trophy hunting women have a sexual element to theirs. It’s not just that they want to be proven “Great White Hunters,” they want to be “Great White Sexy Hunters.”

I mean, I don’t wear make up unless it’s a special occasion anyway, but when I am camping or sailing, I sure as hell am not wasting space by taking along make up, a curling iron and gel/hairspray. I do not make sure my clothes are clean and immaculate while I am engaging in my outdoor activity.

(But then I am not being driven around by guides who are doing all the real work for me. )

But why do these women feel the need to do this? They obviously feel they have something to prove beyond their “prowess” as a hunter/how much they pay their guides to find animals for them to shoot at. What is it? Do they feel hunting is “too masculine” that they need to offset the activity by appearing overtly feminine? Are they trying to attract what they perceive to be “alpha males?” I don’t get it.

On the good side, Zimbabwe has begun to take steps to ban hunting near their National Parks.

Some American airlines have banned carrying animal trophies on their flights.

And the report that came out last week that Cecil’s “brother” Jericho had been killed turned out to be false. Not only is he alive, he has taken over Cecil’s pride and not killed Cecil’s cubs.

And if you would like some up close and person interaction with those “dangerous,” viscous giraffes, you can always visit Giraffe Manor. Eco-tourism, after all, provides more job locally and keep more money in the local economy than hunting does. (Though it can be hit or miss. One area cited that shutting down commercial logging in an area in China lost the area a lot of jobs that Eco-tourism could not replace. Eco-Tourism is a new “industry.” They’re working out the kinks for what suits each country/area’s needs. But it’s certainly better for conservation and local economies than big game trophy hunting. Even international pro-hunting groups have been forced to admit the claim that hunting brings in millions to the economy is not true.)

In the end what it boils down to is if trophy hunters actually cared about conservation, they would give most of the money they throw around trying to kill something to national parks so they can hire more wardens (more jobs!) to protect the park from poachers. If they cared about the local people/economy, instead of throwing a carcass at the local village on the way to the airport, they can buy them a herd of cows or goats that the people can use, slaughter or sell as they need. If they actually respected the animal, they would be tracking and taking pictures of them (which given light, distance, movement, dust, etc. can actually be more of a challenge than shooting them with rifle).

Or if you are really attached to firing guns, get involved in competitive shooting.


2 thoughts on “What is Up with the Trophy Hunting Attention Whores?

  1. I think this maybe the ‘Ann Coulter effect’. You want to be noticed and make money, you have little or no talent for anything, so you just say the most arrant nonsense you can think of, stick your boobs out, flick your hair, pout, and stamp your feet. Suddenly, ‘Oooops’ you’ve sold a million books! Then you’re asked on the telly to do ‘serious’ interviews, and debate with people who mostly just look puzzled by you. No, I can’t take it, she and her sisters-in-crime have me so disappointed in the values of some women.

    • “Any publicity is good publicity.” Yes, I can see that being a motivating factor.

      It’s just so bizarre to me. “Look at me being so pretty and sexy next to a dead animal that would be twenty times as beautiful and majestic as I could ever be if I hadn’t killed it.”

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