Back from the Dead – Politics

I did get involved and canvass for Bernie Sanders here in North Carolina. Oddly, the Sanders Campaign never got in touch and worked with the Progressive HKonJ/Moral Monday grassroots progressive movement we have had going here for three years. I found that rather odd given that the head of the this movement is Reverend William Barber II who is also on the National Board from the NAACP, whose local office was about a block down the street from the Sanders Campaign HQ. And when I canvassed in African American neighborhoods, very few people had heard of Sanders beyond “old white guy” and “socialist.” They had no idea of his record of Civil Rights going all the way back to college.

And here are some of his recent statements plus his legislative record.

It’s been very strange in the South how Sanders’ record never got out to the people, that his campaign never worked with the local existing Progressive movements.

Until this surfaced: Breaking: Report Of High Level DNC Infiltration In N. Carolina Sanders Campaign

Not only did the North Carolina division of the Sanders campaign not reach out to these groups, when these groups reached out to them, they were blocked. Also, movement in the NC Sanders campaign was very last minute. I mean, despite local groups meeting since he announced his candidacy, nothing was done to organize  or supply these groups with materials until a little over a week before the primary. We were scrambling at the last minute, and that’s too late. People have made up their mind before then.

Now, I thought Hillary (and her daughter) lying about Sanders stances on the ACA/ObamaCare was bad enough. (Sanders has never stated he wanted to dismantle ObamaCare before he has a Universal Healthcare plan in place. After all, he contributed to it.) But her campaign has gone far beyond simple false rhetoric.

They and the Republicans have gotten into serious dirty pool.

Blocking the Sander’s Campaign From Accessing Voter Data

Letters from Clinton Campaign sending voters to the wrong places and times for caucuses.

The disaster with the polling places and registrations in Arizona, a conservative state, that seems to have especially targeted Maricopa County which has large African American and Latino American populations.

Masses of voters being dropped from the rolls in several states.

A friend of mine in California who has lived at the same address for 16 years (and voted mostly Democrat in almost every election) just discovered that his name had disappeared from the rolls.

If your state primary is coming up, check your voter registration status immediately here.

Remember that your primaries go beyond who is running for President. It also contains the primaries for your national and state legislators. And what happens at the state level has a lot more effect on your daily life than the national level.


Such as this little gem just passed by North Carolina’s veto-proof Republican state legislature (with a Republican Governor ready to sign off on it) which goes far beyond where people go to the bathroom.

I do not have much fear of this bill as I did not when NC voted to ban Same Sex Marriage. Amendment 14, Section 1 of the Constitution states:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

You cannot discriminate against a community based on their sexuality. You cannot deny rights and protection to one group, any group, that you give to everyone else. That is why all the state level Same Sex Marriage bans were overturned so quickly. They were blatantly UnConstitutional, as is this law.

Vote! I don’t care who you vote for, just get out on your state’s primary/caucus day and vote!



13 thoughts on “Back from the Dead – Politics

    • After Arizona, they’re screaming.

      As to how it happened, and why seems to have happened in certain areas? Well most of AZ has long been a conservative stronghold, and they made sure of that by gerrymandering the hippie Flagstaff to Phoenix. I think someone got scared and started pulling strings. (Also, the number of polling places in Maricopa County was cut from 200 to 60, resulting in five hours waits to vote. Winners were being announced while people were still in line waiting to vote.)

      There are various excuses popping up as to why people are being dropped from the rolls (one state claimed that people entering the registered voters mixed up which field the social security number was supposed to go), but it is happening in so many states, no one is buying it. There is something afoot.

      • I’m flabbergasted, to be honest (and I know its shallow) the world sees of the US is based on what we see at the cinema, or the TV. America crusading for good, right and honesty is what we have gotten used to. Trump, Cruz and this is so sad, it’s like watching Britain’s politics of the rotten boroughs, watching the worst of 18th century British politics.

      • Well, we are a young nation. Maybe it’s just our turn.

        But if it’s President stupid Adolf Trump or bigoted Jim Jones Cruz, I’m emigrating. Trump is doing the exact same thing Hitler did: Refocusing economic and cultural insecurities (the end of WASP male dominance) into hatred of minority groups (Muslim, Latino and African Americans). And he has proposed the same first steps against Muslims Hitler took against the Jews. Cruz is also talking of practically putting Muslims under martial law, though he is smart enough not to talk about going to the lengths Trump is. His crazy is wanting to turn the U.S. into a Christian theocracy.

        I can live with Hillary, I can make it through four more years of corruption. But there is no fucking way I am living under the either of the very dangerous Republican nutbars.

      • (And just to note, every sane person in the U.S. is as flabbergasted as you are. We had no idea Trump was going to make it this far. I swear, I thought it was going to be Rand Paul or Jeb Bush vs. Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. I would have really loved it had it been Paul vs. Sanders, because you would have had intelligent debate from wildly opposing but rational viewpoints that actually met on some subjects. It would have been a real intelligent national discussion of the direction the U.S. is going to take in the next 20 years. Instead someone let the idiots out of the madhouse and we have this.)

  1. Well, here we have the Tory twats running the show, destroying the NHS, turning our schools into for profit ‘academy’s’, and training for teachers that will last six weeks!
    Greed and venality at its tory best.

    • Oh Gods. That’s what destroyed our University system: “Colleges should be run like businesses!” No they shouldn’t. They’re public service institutions, not for profit businesses. Completely different missions. I heard about the NHS troubles. It sounds like they are chiseling away at it until doesn’t work anymore and then they can say “See, it’s doesn’t work. We should eliminate it.”

    • 🙂 I’m actually in the process of selling off my comic book collection, as well as a piece of family furniture that is just sitting taking up space, so I can move into a one bed room. But I will keep the tarns-Atlantic option in mind. 😉 How are your ‘Oggies?

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