Misleading Headline Ahoy

No, Bernie Sanders was not kicked off the D.C. ballot

…But he’s not on it either. He wasn’t “kicked off” because he hasn’t been placed on it yet thanks to the Democratic National Committee.

After he swept the last three states, this happens. Both candidates submit their paperwork the same day before the deadline.

The DNC drags their feet processing the submissions, one of the DNC Board of Elections members makes makes a challenge against one candidate, and Sanders get hamstrung.

It’s getting very hard to deny that the DNC have decided that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president and they are pulling every dirty trick they can to keep Sanders from being nominated, despite the groundswell of popular support for him.

He will mostly likely be placed on the ballot after a hearing, but this kind of shit is happening WAY too much this primary. The Democratic nominee should be elected by the people, not dictated to them by the DNC.


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