Hitting Them Where It Hurts

The really ugliness behind the North Carolina’s HB2 (ie. the “Bathroom Bill”) is not the unenforceable transphobic legislation about bathrooms. The real evil is the bill blocks the expanding definition of “protected groups” from discrimination to include gay and transgender people. Meaning, that businesses in NC are allowed to discriminate against Gay and Trangender women and men in hiring and business practice, and of course any accommodations for those groups is out. That’s the *real* evil that everyone seems to be ignoring. They can’t check who someone genetically is at the bathroom door, but they can now freely and openly discriminate against the LGBT community.

Now people here are protesting. Some Universities, mine among them, have stated outright that they will refuse to go along with the bill. The governor of New York has banned all non-essential travel to NC. Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert here.  (Bryan Adams has followed suit in Mississippi after they passed an anti-LGBT law.)

But the Internet Porn industry just went for the throat, or rather, below the belt.

Porn Site Bans North Carolina Users Due To State’s anti-LGBT laws

And they ain’t shy about pointing out the hypocrisy.


Let’s face it, after a day of railing against the “depravity” of the LGBT community, 80% of those “good christian straight males” love to wait until their wives go to bed and then jack it to lesbian porn. The other 20% probably jacking it to gay male porn.


Now if we can just get PornHub and RedTube on the bandwagon, we’ll have a full blown (or rather not blown) technological Lysistrata.

Oh, and according to the same type of people, dildos are a “portal to a demonic realm.” Funny, I never went anywhere.

From Fark: “Not really a direct path. You have to use a bunch of them and form an arrow shape, and definitely don’t turn them on or they’ll skitter all over the place.” ~ Mr. Coffee Nerves.


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