Colours of History

This is some powerful shit:

Leaving the modern social commentary, which is completely valid, to the side for a bit, pedantically, it likely that Jesus looked more like this: The Semitic Galileans he was born and raised among. But I think that even if Jesus was not a man of African decent, he was a man of colour and the poem she speaks (and I usually hate spoken poetry, but this is really good) to the general “white washing” of history.

American children have one of the most insular educations in the world. The fact that many states do not require their students to learn a foreign language, and those that do wait until high school, is bad enough. But what is really damaging is that when we learn “world history” in K-12 education, it’s really only European History. Until they are 18, our kids are taught a completely White ethnocentric view of the world. Which I’m sure sucks if you do not happen to be white.

We have to go to college to learn about history of the rest of the planet. And even then, some of it is pretty badly presented. I took a History of Africa class that was more of a class on African activism than it was a history of African nations and regions.

Granted, the Instructor’s heart was in the right place. My Gods yes, the exploitation of their natural resources and people by European and American corporations, with so little wealth getting down to the people because of the manipulations of their governments is sickening. The lack of global power African nations have is appalling. They have some richest deposits of natural resources in the world, yet they are some of the poorest countries in the world because they are constantly kept destabilized by interior and exterior forces. And why isn’t an African nation on the U.N. Security Council?

But it was a history course, and I did not actually learn much of the history of Africa and its nations which I would have liked very much.

And then there is the very-much-still-alive racism in this country that this poem talks about. The same people who feel that the shooting of Tamir Rice was justified are the same people who encourage putting real guns in the hands of even younger children…so long as those children are white. Despite all the evidence, they call Sandra Bland a “drug dealing thug who got what was coming to her.” Say Dajerria Becton and the girl attacked for refusing to leave her desk in South Carolina (plus the one subsequently arrested for filming and speaking out against what was happening) were “mouthy” and “got what they deserved” (I guess they think the First Amendment is reserved for “White People Only.”)And these cases are the tip of the Travon Martin/Freddie Grey/Eric Garner iceberg of police brutality on and profiling of African Americans that too many Americans are o.k. with.

And every February we all hear the same round of complaints, “Why is there a “Black History Month! Why isn’t there a White History Month? That’s racist!”

Because the other 11 moths of the year are “White History Year” you twat. There has to be special times set aside to celebrate African American, American women, Hispanic/Latino Americans, Asian Americans, AmerIndian histories because all the rest of the time it is the History of Americans of European Decent ie. White people.

And yeah, having a Black History Month, Women’s History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month, etc. sucks. But only because we aren’t teaching it entwined with the rest of American History where it belongs. We have to put it where it belongs, right alongside the history of Americans of European descent. Until we do that, getting rid of those periods of ethnic focus is just trying to ignore their part and contributions to history altogether.

Not fully integrating subcultures and ethnicities that were a part of our nation’s history into teaching that history helps create a culture of exclusion. Not teaching it at all creates a culture of devaluation. If we want to take some real steps in eliminating racism, we need to create a culture of inclusion by teaching the history of all Americans together. And when we teach World History, we have to teach an overview of *all* the world’s history, not just one continent.

And the claim that Jesus was white? Well, unless you are claiming that Jesus is the bastard offspring of a Roman , it’s fucking moronic. Your savior looked like a Palestinian. Get over it.


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